Water Works Supplies

Featured Manufacturers

Diamond Plastics Corporation
A wide range of PVC Pipe from 2 inch through 60 inch.
Mueller Co.
The largest full-line supplier of flow control products used in distributions lines for municipal potable water and is ISO certified.
A.Y. McDonald Mfg. Co.
Manufacturer of Waterworks Brass, Plumbing Valves, Pumps and Water Systems and High Pressure Gas Valves and Meter Bars.
SIGMA Corporation
Waterworks pipe fittings and accessories, in CI and DI, as per the AWWA/ANSI standards C110/A21.10 and C153/A21.53.
Romac Industries
Manufacturer of pipe fittings and tools for the waterworks industry.
Pacific Corrugated Pipe Company
Manufacturer of corrugated metal pipe and related drainage products since 1935

Pressure Pipe

PVC C900 All classes gasket joint
Ductile Iron CL50 ANSI/AWWA C151/A21-51
Ductile Iron Spools CL50 ANSI/AWWA C151/A21-51
Copper Types K, L, M, Soft, Hard Drawn
Brass Standard and Extra Strong


Sewer and Drain Pipe

PVC SDR 35 GJ or BE ASTM D 3034
Corrugated HDPE ASTM F405, F667
Corrugated Steel All Gauges


Pressure Fittings

Brass Service Fittings & Couplings ANSI/AWWA C 800
Ductile Iron Fittings MJ or PO CL 350 AWWA C153
Ductile Iron Flanged ASTM A395/AWWA C110/A21-10
Cast Iron Flanged ASTM A126/AWWA C110/A21-10
Service Saddles
Tapping Sleeves


Sewer and Drain Fittings

PVC SDR 35 GJ or S/W
HDPE Corrugated
Concrete Manholes
Concrete Drop Inlets
Concrete Valve Boxes
Concrete Vaults
Concrete Pull Boxes
Concrete Curb Inlets
Catch Basins


Pipe, Valve & Flange Accessories

Backflow Enclosures
Cast Iron Valve Boxes
Cast Iron Valve Box Extensions
Detectable Tapes
MJ Fitting Accessories
Pipe Joint Lube
Pipe Stands
Stainless Steel Bolt Packs
Stainless Steel Inserts
Steel, Nut, Bolt Packs
Tracer Wire


Air/Vacuum Combo
Angle Meter Stops
Ball Corp Stops
Ball Valves
Curb Stops
Fire Hydrants
Water Meters
Wye Strainers